Health Professionals

This section contains information for health professionals to provide support for people with diabetes.

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The NDSS assists people to better understand and self-manage their life with diabetes.

After your patient has been registered with the NDSS, they will receive a registration card and an information book. The information book is designed to provide general information about the NDSS, services, products and understanding diabetes. The registration card will be required when purchasing products or accessing services.

The NDSS provides products at subsidised prices to people who register for the Scheme, including blood and urine testing strips, and for eligible registrants, syringes, pen needles and insulin pump consumables. Product can be purchased over the counter at NDSS Access Points around Australia.

We provide a range of support services to help your patient self-manage and understand their diabetes. These include:

• a Helpline on 1300 136 588 for advice on diabetes management,

• information on diabetes product use

• a range of education programs to help your patient learn more about managing their diabetes including healthy eating, physical activity and group and peer support services,

• printed and online resources on a variety of subjects and for key audiences, such as older people, women with diabetes and pregnancy planning, translated resources and youth diabetes management.

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If you are interested in conducting research into diabetes using NDSS data, please visit our Research section.

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Support Services

The NDSS provides a variety of support services for people with diabetes, covering a broad range of education areas as well as targeted group sessions.

After registering with the NDSS, your patients will receive an information book and registration card.

The information book aims to provide them with some general information about the NDSS, including education, services and products available to them as a registrant of the NDSS, as well as some information about diabetes.

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This section contains copies of or links to NDSS and external resources.

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Online Resources

This section contains links to NDSS and external online services that may be useful to health professionals and their patients.

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This section contains links to all NDSS forms for the registration of patients and continued management of diabetes with the NDSS.

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