Support Services

There is a range of services available for health professionals and people with diabetes through the NDSS and state and territory Agents.

To find out more about any of the support services available through the NDSS, contact the NDSS Agent in your state or territory by calling 1300 136 588.

Health Professional Education Services

As the prevalence of diabetes increases in Australia, it is vital that health professionals are kept up-to-date with current best practice guidelines and relevant new information on diabetes management. It is also important that health professionals are aware of the NDSS and the support it can provide both for themselves and people with diabetes.

The NDSS provides support services both for your patients and for health professionals or their support staff. Whether your patients are newly diagnosed, know someone who has diabetes or have been living with diabetes for some time, they and their family are likely to have many questions for you. The NDSS provides a range of support services to help you, your patients, their family and carers learn more about how to effectively manage life with diabetes.

The NDSS provides training for workers who care for or support people with diabetes. This training is provided to health professionals or support staff, Aboriginal health workers, bilingual community educators, teachers supporting children in school and pre-school, disability or aged care workers and NDSS Access Point staff. To find out more about any of the support services available through the NDSS, contact the NDSS in your state or territory by calling 1300 136 588.

Topics covered include:

  • medications for diabetes management
  • insulin injections and initiation
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • prevention and treatment of diabetes complications
  • healthy eating and dietetics
  • physical activity, exercise and diabetes management, balancing food, insulin and activity
  • chronic condition self-management skills
  • information on the services provided to people with diabetes through the NDSS.

Group education programs are delivered by diabetes health professionals, through face-to-face sessions and virtual education programs, which helps to ensure that all communities may access group education programs.

Services for People with Diabetes

The NDSS provides a variety of support services for people with diabetes, including targeted group education for groups such as the newly diagnosed, women with gestational diabetes and people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds. These services are generally available for free, or at a minimal cost to people registered with the NDSS and can be provided in both a face-to-face or virtual education program format.

Services for people with diabetes include access to:

  • information about diabetes self-management, ordering NDSS products and information on services available in their local area
  • programs and activities for people with diabetes such as healthy eating programs and physical activity programs
  • group support programs, such as peer support for people with type 1 diabetes or young people with diabetes
  • fact sheets, brochures and other resources about diabetes
  • a variety of health professionals.
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