Request a Resource

Please use the resource list below for reference and include in the comments box below the letter corresponding to the requested resource and the number of copies you would like.

The resources currently available are:

'Having a healthy baby' booklet for people with type one diabetes

'Having a healthy baby' booklet for people with type two diabetes

Translated 'Caring for yourself and your baby' booklet [please specify language]

Translated 'Life after gestational diabetes' booklet [please specify language]

'Healthy eating for older people' book

'You and your health care team' booklet

'Managing diabetes as you age' booklet

'Diabetes and driving' booklet

'My Diabetes Emergency Plan' booklet

'Mastering Diabetes' booklet for teachers and families to support children with type 1 diabetes at school

'Moving on Up' booklet for young people transitioning to adulthood

You can also request copies via mail, by writing to:
Diabetes Australia
GPO Box 3156
Canberra ACT 2601
Fax: (02) 6230 1535

Please note:
Shipping charges may apply to orders for large quantities.

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