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This section contains all of our resources for young people with diabetes.


'myD’ (my diabetes) is a site that has been developed specifically for people aged 16 to 25 years living with diabetes.

The site provides general information on living with diabetes and covers ‘everyday’ topics like school, work, travel, driving and general health. The site also provides information and links to other sites of interest, places to go for more information, and there is a section for you to tell your story and talk about how you live with diabetes, here and now.

To visit the myD website, please click here:

Information sheets for young people with type 1 diabetes

Moving On Up

A focus for the NDSS has been to better understand ways to not only engage, but also support young people as they transition to adulthood and gain more independence. The NDSS has designed this resource specifically for young people with type 1 diabetes and their parents or guardians about the transition from paediatric to adult health care services.

Moving On Up focuses on the challenges and opportunities that young people face as they become young adults; how they can live well with diabetes through this time and, importantly, the responsibilities they have for their own diabetes care and the support they can expect to receive. The resource includes six sections, focused on moving on:

  • to an adult diabetes service
  • to work, university or TAFE
  • to four wheels (driving)
  • out of home
  • with life
  • with a new diabetes care team.

This booklet is available for download as a PDF.

Mastering Diabetes in Preschools and Schools

The NDSS has created a new resource, after receiving requests for material to help children with type 1 diabetes at preschool and schools. This booklet, called Mastering Diabetes, was created with the help of families, teachers and paediatric endocrinology teams. It has been designed to help teachers and families support children with type 1 diabetes at school and preschool, helping children to learn, grow and have fun.

Inside you will find information about:

  • looking after young people with type 1 diabetes in preschool and school
  • building strong communications between families and schools
  • the responsibilities of teachers and other school staff.

This booklet is available for download as a PDF.

Youth Reports

You can see the outcomes of our previous surveys on young people and their parents here.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

The NDSS has created a new resource about continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). The CGM booklet was created as a guide to using CGM for children and young people with type 1 diabetes. This booklet explains all the important things you need to know about accessing CGM products through the NDSS.

Inside you will find information about:

  • Starting, using and transitioning off CGM
  • Potential downsides and benefits of CGM
  • Available CGM devices

The booklet is available as a PDF and will soon be available as an eBook.

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